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Software Security

Day 1 (8/21)
Intro and Course Logistics
Lab Out SEED Lab Setup
Exploiting Access Control and Software Environments
Required reading: SEED Chs. 1 and 2
Lab Out SetUID and Env. Vars
Day 2 (8/23)
SetUID and Environment Variables
Required reading: SEED Ch. 3
Day 3 (8/28)
Required reading: SEED Ch. 9
Lab In SetUID lab
Lab Out Shellcode
Day 4 (8/30)
Shellcode and Lab Work
Labor Day (9/4)
Holiday No Lecture
Required reading: Smashing the stack
Required reading: SEED Ch. 4
Lab Out Buffer Overflows
Lab In Shellcode
Day 5 (9/6)
Buffer Overflows
Day 6 (9/11)
Return-oriented Programming
Required reading: SEED Ch. 5
Lab Out ROP
Lab In Buffer Overflows
Day 7 (9/13)
Optional reading: SEED Ch. 8
Day 8 (9/18)
Required reading: SEED Ch. 16
Lab Out Shellshock
Lab In ROP
Day 9 (9/20)
Shellshock and Lab Work

System Security

Day 10 (9/25)
Kernel Modules and Rootkits
Required reading: LKMPG Chs. 1-4
Required reading: Lab README
Lab Out Rootkits
Lab In Shellshock
Day 11 (9/27)
Rootkits and Lab Work
Required reading: LKMPG Chs. 5-7


Day 12 (10/2)
Symmetric Key Encryption
Required reading: SEED Ch. 24
Lab Out Symmetric Key Encryption
Lab In Rootkits
Day 13 (10/4)
Symmetric Key Encryption
Fall Break Day (10/9)
Holiday No Lecture
Lab In Symmetric Key Encryption
Lab Out RSA
Day 14 (10/11)
Asymmetric Key Encryption and RSA
Required reading: SEED Ch. 26

Web Security

Day 15 (10/16)
Lab In RSA
Day 16 (10/18)

Network Security