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System and Network Security, Fall 2023

CSP 544 System and Network Security

Week 1 Announcement

Aug 21 · 0 min read

Get set up with SEED Labs



This is the webpage for CSP 544: System and Network Security at IIT.


We will be using Discord for course communication. You can find the invite link on Blackboard.



See here.

Other Useful Books

Development Environment

We will primarily be using virtual machine images to set up vulernable environments for you to exploit. Thus, in order to do the labs, you’ll need to set up a hypervisor/VMM on your machine to complete the labs. You should be able to use VirtualBox, VMware, or libvirt. We’ll be using the SEED Labs for most of the class, but we will augment them with our own. You can see here to get set up for the labs.


  • Metasploit: A widely used penetration testing framework written in Ruby
  • Kali Linux: A Linux distro aimed at ethical hacking and pentesting
  • Defuse: An online x86 disassembler
  • Godbolt: An online compiler explorer
  • pwntools: a Python exploitation framework, meant for CTFs
  • shtest: A shellcode tester
  • Wireshark: Widely used network packet capture and analysis tool
  • SET: Social engineering toolkit
  • PTF: Penetration tester framework
  • GEF: GDB wrapper for reverse engineering and exploit development
  • Radare2: Reverse engineering framework
  • strace: Linux system call tracer
  • ltrace: Linux library call tracer
  • Shodan: Vulnerability scanner
  • Hydra: brute force cracking for remote services
  • Mimikatz: Windows credential dumper
  • hashcat: password cracker
  • American Fuzzy Loop: widely used software fuzzer
  • syzkaller: Linux kernel fuzzing

This is a list of other resources that you might find useful for this class and for doing work in the security area in general. Feel free to peruse them at your own convenience (please let us know of any dead links).